TODAY: CONVERGENCE closes, new INVINCIBLE, new DEADLY CLASS, and I’m especially psyched about GARTH ENNIS’ return to MARVEL with the Secret Wars Battleworld tie-in, WHERE MONSTERS DWELL.

‘Convergence’ has heated up over the past two weeks. I’m looking forward to seeing exactly what this run of nonsense means. Well, it isn’t “nonsense” so much as confusion. I read the first half of FUTURES END, skimmed the rest through the Internet synopses, and have come to the conclusion that–much like ‘Futures End’–the readers (I) wanted the NEW 52 heroes to eventually show up and fix what ever that needs fixing. (Because, you know, that’s who we’re spending [too much] money on weekly–not Supes from Earth-47472923.)

Of course, when I read CONVERGENCE: SUPERMAN #1, I thought, “Wait, now this is SUPERMAN. I miss this Supes.” However, that singular tie-in issue (not #2) was the only tie-in series or issue I invested in emotionally. I feel as though DC COMICS wasted months on this not-crossover event. I’ve read about the scary loss of sales (-40%). The writing is totally on the wall. It didn’t work.

But don’t think DC isn’t going to dig itself out of this mess. They always do, and I look forward continuing to watch the evolution of the “DCYou.”

Switching over to Marvel–SECRET WARS has been the opposite of ‘Convergence.’ (Brilliant.) Remember when DC said ‘Convergence’ would be catching up readers on some of their favorite of characters of the past? Great idea, but everyone’s in GOTHAM CITIES, there’s a dome over their heads… I mean, what?

In PLANET HULK, we have SAM HUMPHRIES writing about CAPTAIN AMERICA and DEVIL DINOSAUR on, um, Planet Hulk. That works for me.

In A-FORCE, we have a book comprised of the Marvel U’s strongest female protagonists (and She-Loki). Finally.

And that’s only two simple premises. Marvel has brought out their best talent to sell fun tie-ins. DC did not do that with ‘Convergence.’ There isn’t a Who’s Who of DC’s best talent. You look at ‘Secret Wars’ and all the tie-ins and we see BENDIS, HUMPHRIES, HICKMAN, ENNIS, YOUNG, DUGGAN, WEAVER, HOPELESS… I can go on.

If a new creative team of writers comes in to tell a large-scale story, then without already writing current stories in the active canon, the flow of the crossover will feel off. Three weeks into ‘Secret Wars,’ and I don’t feel like anything I’ve read–even DEADPOOL’S “SECRET” SECRET WARS–has felt out of place. If people are attempting a “Convergence vs. Secret Wars” argument, it’s already over. Marvel has won again. (But that’s okay, DC. Keep at it.)

What has really blown me away in 2015?

IMAGE COMICS. They’ve released some of the best reading material of the past few years in less than one. And some of these series are fresh–2 or 13 issues in respectively. I have been gushing about CHRONONAUTS. Other books like KAPTARA, TOOTH & CLAW, OUTCAST (out today), DEADLY CLASS (also out today), EAST OF WEST, and DESCENDER have been the sweetest breathe of fresh air any comic books have emitted into my reading nostrils in quite some time.

All these books are so much fun. But if you haven’t ever read INVINCIBLE, what is your problem? Issue 120 comes out today. My, how far we’ve come, MARK GRAYSON. I am the President of the “FULL SAIL UNIVERSITY COMIC BOOK CLUB” and for the month of May the club voted to read (at least) ‘Invincible’ issues 1-13. Most of the club either: A.) Read everything, or, B.) Read, at least, 30-80 issues. Some of the kids had never read a super hero comic book before they picked up ‘Invincible.’ Now, Full Sail is ‘Invincible’-crazy. You’re welcome, ROBERT KIRKMAN. (But really, thank you.)

This is my first blog in forever. I have more to say. I’ll think about doing this every Wednesday. I’m thinking about it right now.

Off to A Comic Shop, until next time.


Matt de Simone is the writer of the new, current MattyLovesComics blog. You’re reading it.

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