Hey, Gang! Here we are again. The best day of the week (for some), COMIC BOOK WEDNESDAY! It’s been a busy week for me in the real world. I didn’t get a chance to jam on my entire stack of books from last week–but I did rock a few of them out.

Firstly, CONVERGENCE: Go away. Wait a minute. You’re already gone? That’s good. The $40 I spent on the miniseries (not to mention the #1 tie-ins I snagged month one) tell me otherwise. I don’t know if there has ever been a comic book miniseries in which I sort of want my loot back for the garbagetime I invested in attempting to understand just what was going on. I won’t spoil anything. Even if I did, no one will know what I’m talking about. Issue six finally introduced the “New 52” bunch of heroes into the mix. Issue seven failed to follow up with a strong penultimate issue. Then last week’s issue eight–woof. That’s all I’m going to say. My Twitter account one week ago pretty much stated it all at the peak of my frustration.

On the other side of the game, SECRET WARS is totally awesome in every way. INFINITY GAUNTLET rocked the spot. INFERNO and OLD MAN LOGAN–each fun in their own right. The new take on the Inferno event is interesting. It’s apparently an annual event in this region of BATTLEWORLD. Speaking of, is anyone reading the SECRET WARS: BATTLEWORLD tie-in book? It’s not on my list. I’m curious.

Oh yeah, and then there’s INVINCIBLE. Issue 120 presents one of my personal favorite RYAN OTTLEY covers since he came onto the series way back in issue eight (I think?). GENERAL THRAGG, or just plain ol’ Thragg now I guess, is one of my favorite characters in the series. Honestly, now that I think about it, outside of the GRAYSONS, he may be my favorite character. Thraggy’s been setting up a franchise, people. READ THIS TITLE to ‘nah’mean.’

All right. So now this is my first Wednesday-to-Wednesday post so I figure I would let you guys into what I’m usually looking at each week as far a “pull list” goes. I’m the current President of the Full Sail University Comic Book Club. A spot on any comp list is something I one day strive for. However, that’s sort of why I’m getting an education at the moment. Anyway, I try to keep up with the Joneses to the best of my financial ability. I like to make good choices. Occasionally those good choices turn out to be bad ones. It’s too bad I’m a completest. That has definitely cost me at times. (Ahem. Convergence.) So without any further blabber:

My list for 6/3/2015:
















I don’t have to say too much about Secret Wars’ main series. It’s such a treat. I read all of JONATHAN HICKMAN’S AVENGERS and NEW AVENGERS. I feel like this is a ‘thank you’ in a way. Like, to me personally.

Lots of Secret Wars tie-in series this week. Now we’re getting into it. All of the previews for these issues look spectacular. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN RENEW YOUR VOWS is intriguing based on the fact that I have always thought PETER and MARY JANE should start a family. (I thought that about SUPERMAN and LOIS too. Not anymore. Thanks, Convergence.) Somehow, I think this story will make sense because, you know, DAN SLOTT–the guy who’s written Spidey for years–is writing this tie-in. (Did you see GEOFF JOHNS or SCOTT SNYDER on any Convergence tie-ins? Nope. I mean, I don’t really know what the deal with that was, but I’ll now stop with the shots at Convergence.)

JAMES ROBINSON writes ARMOR WARS so that should be fun. PETER DAVID has got us on FUTURE IMPERFECT. Again, the guy who wrote HULK for years is taking another crack at the story he created. Imagine that? (Last one.) Let’s not forget SKOTTIE YOUNG’S GIANT SIZE LITTLE AVX. I don’t usually go for the “silly comic,” but Young’s art and storytelling work together (ROCKET RACCOON Vol. 2). I’m really looking forward to I HATE FAIRYLAND coming out… Hey, that’s a good question: when is IHF supposed to drop? I remember reading an article about it back in January.

As far as the ‘DCYOU,’ three titles of major interest stand before me. The first two: ACTION COMICS #41 and BATMAN BEYOND #1. Action, obviously, because it’s Supes. (Superman is my favorite DC character, by the way. I have legit reasons.) Batman Beyond is interesting because, A.) This book will be ‘expensive’ in current comic terms for about a year, and B.) I don’t know, it might be pretty damn good. The cartoon was dope. I was a fan of the fact that TERRY MCGINNIS was the biological son of BRUCE WAYNE. Some of my friends weren’t too into it, as I recall. I didn’t read KYLE HIGGINS’ Beyond run, but if it’s anything like his other DC stuff, I’ll need to check it out. DAN JURGENS (?) is writing the new Beyond book. Should be interesting. UPDATE: A friend of mine broke it to me that it’s not Terry McG portraying BB. It’s TIM DRAKE. I’ll wait on this. I can only imagine this stems from Convergence.)

The third: JUSTICE LEAGUE #41 (above). “Save us, Geoff Johns… This story has opened brilliantly, and is, unquestionably, the most important thing going on in DC Comics. Nothing comes close to holding a candle to the importance of this story arc. There are too many awesome elements (and cool stuff that’s already happened) for this story to fall as flat as other recent DC endeavors. (See: Conv–oh, nevermind.) But seriously, one can never go wrong with THE NEW GODS. Some of my favorite Superman arcs have involved the beings from New Genesis and Apokolips (See: COSMIC ODYSSEY). My fingers are crossed for Justice League this week–“…You’re our only hope.”

Whoa, back it up. I forgot about the STAR WARS comics when I was raving on about Secret Wars and whatnot. Marvel is killing it, let’s be real. All of the Star Wars material Marvel has delivered is so good. (Unless you’re still clutching your Thrawn Trilogy–get over it.) From JASON AARON’S Star Wars, to the DARTH VADER series and PRINCESS LEIA mini going on (both out this week), and even the KANAN THE LAST PADAWAN series of which I had no previous knowledge of prior to issue one–all killer. If you didn’t know–and I don’t think I’m spoiling it–these new Star Wars stories take place after A New Hope and before Empire. So, Vader doesn’t know Luke’s Luke, yet. Lando is being referenced but we haven’t seen him, yet. Y’know, good stuff like that. CHECK IT OUT.

JUPITER’S CIRCLE is another title I am fascinated by. The first series, JUPITER’S LEGACY, was some of the best MARK MILLAR stuff I’ve ever read. Circle is reading just as well for me while it’s telling a COMPLETELY different story than in Legacy. Trust me. It wasn’t what I expected at all, but it kicks loads.

Well, that’s ‘me’ for this Wednesday, June the three. Be sure to stop by next week. I’m pretty sure CHRONONAUTS #4 hits the stand on the 10th. I’ll have plenty to talk about in regard to my anticipation for June’s issue as well as everything else. Plus, my thoughts on what I’m reading this week. But that’s next week. Confused?

Again, off to A Comic Shop.

FullSizeRender-2Matt de Simone is the Blogmaster Blogger of MattyLovesComics. He loves his comics, and his cat, Tildy. He also enjoys yelling at the Philadelphia Phillies on TV as well as consuming the occasional Scottish Long Island from the bev stand across from the Jurassic Park River Adventure at Universal Studios Orlando. Woof.

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