Hello, comic book Wednesday. There a few books of note this week. But before I get into the crux of this week’s blog, I have a few fun announcements. The main announcement is the production of my podcast (long overdue, in my brain) cleverly titled: MattyLovesPodcast. So from this quick little brain-dump blog, a much more animated version of this blog will be presented in a podcast format. It’s not this blog turned into a podcast, but working on this for the past month was inspiring enough. We record this week. The first “issue” will be tentatively out on July 4th weekend.

I’m excited. Busy times are ahead and I’m looking forward to every second. But before all of that, I get to go back home for a week and gather my thoughts. Inspiration is inevitable. Roanoke, Virginia feels further away the more time I spend in Florida. That feeling has made each of my visits such a breath of fresh air. I’m keeping it steady at “every six months.” The Birds play on Thanksgiving again. I really want to be home for that. But I’ll cross that scaffold when I get to it. “Now, on with the countdown.”

Last week’s action brought forth a new DOCTOR FATE, a badass look into IMPERATOR FURIOSA’S relationship with THE FIVE WIVES, a lot of THORS–including the RUNE KING, and a solid second chapter of OLD MAN LOGAN. It was a good week. I have a little bit of catching up to do with MOON KNIGHT, but a friend keeps telling me it’s dope. I have issues 12-16 sitting on my desk begging me to read them.

But I can’t. I’m obsessed with the life of JESSE CUSTER. For the month of July, the FULL SAIL COMIC BOOK CLUB–that I President with the upmost pride–has selected to read GARTH ENNIS and STEVE DILLON’S PREACHER. With the show on the horizon, I figured it might be best to knock this out. I was too young to soak this stuff up when it was first released. Even at 23-24 I’m not sure if I could, for lack of a better word, take this type of story. This story may turn into an INVINCIBLE-style obsession. The book has got me. I feel like I’m casually walking and talking with Jesse, TULIP, and CASSIDY as they do what they do. I’ve finished ‘Book One,’ and ‘Book Two’ will be here tomorrow. I think I’ve been waiting for this title and never knew it. True love.

Enough of the gushing. Let’s get into a few books that I am afraid to read this week (and a few I’m not).

My list for 6/24/2015:











X-MEN ‘92 1

ACTION COMICS #41 wasn’t total garbage. As I said, it was a “nice try” effort. There were references to SUPERMAN #41 which hits stores today. Then, I felt it was weird telling the story leaving out a chunk of pertinent information that I’ll finally discover today. So now, it doesn’t matter. But Action also references next month’s issue of Superman. Strange. Maybe today they’ll reference an issue of Superman #50. In all seriousity, I hope GENE LUEN YANG from AVATAR lure has got a mind for the Man of Steel, for DC’s sake, if any. (Found out a little bit ago that we still won’t know what zapped Superman of his powers. Ugh.)

I have a feeling that the ‘Secret Wars’ tie-in, X-MEN ’92, isn’t going to be what I think it is. As I’ve said before, I avoid synopsis or possible spoilers for any book announced that might interest my comic book pallet. From the looks of things, this might adhere to the Fox Kids cartoon from 1992 rather than the ‘Mutant Genesis’ arc in 1991. It makes sense, or else they would be calling it X-Men ’91. Preview images give me the idea that ROGUE and GAMBIT are going to be primary focuses. When I read X-Men comics, Rogue’s voice from the cartoon is the auditory effect that comes from her dialogue.

There are also some pretty rad books that I know will be a good time.

CHRIS BURNHAM is one of my favorite comic book artists. I was intrigued when I saw he was penning Marvel’s ‘SECRET WARS’ tie-in, E IS FOR EXTINCTION. Burnham is currently penciling Image Comics’ NAMELESS, written by GRANT MORRISON. These two have also collaborated in the past. (Which I think I’ve already talked about before.) Burnham’s style to me is similar to FRANK QUIETLY’S, whom is also an often collaborator of Morrison’s. The art in ‘Extinction’ is done by RAMON VILLALOBOS, an up and coming artist you all should follow on Tumblr. Definitely inspired by Quietly (and RAFAEL GRAMPA). The story? We’ll see.

One of my favorite series (hopefully ongoing) from Image Comics is ED BRUBAKER and SEAN PHILLIPS’ THE FADE OUT. It’s a Hollywood Crime Noir story that, for a monthly title, is rather easy to follow. Although Brubaker has been writing crime stories for a while, Fade Out is the first I’ve read from the creator. Most of my Brubaker knowledge comes from his work on X-Men and BATMAN stories. I’ve always wanted to read his run on DAREDEVIL. Anyway, I plan on grabbing a few of his other stuff with Phillips like INCOGNITO and CRIMINAL. Until then, I am enjoying every page of Fade Out.

CHIP ZDARSKY is a hot commodity. He writes HOWARD THE DUCK as well as KAPTARA, both on sale today. His writing style is a mix of goofiness with a dash of smug intellect. He also draws SEX CRIMINALS. If this guy hasn’t hit the jackpot, then I don’t know jack. The sky’s the limit for this creator.

And that about covers it for today. I actually just picked my books up and am about to get cracking on Superman. Until next week, I hope all of the comic book reading rocks the spot! Next week’s MattyLovesComics might be a bit delayed. It just depends on Virginia.

FullSizeRender-2Matt de Simone is an avid comic book fan that spends way too much money on weekly titles. He would shift more to collecting trades but when some kids who doesn’t read comics wants to get into something recent, Matt’s got to be there to lend a helpful suggestion or two. I’m pretty sure that’s one of the reasons he’s on planet Earth. Well, that and being Tildy’s best pal.

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