Before my weekly post tomorrow, I thought I would fill some of you in on what I think of Marvel’s new direction for the X-MEN.

Marvel dumped news on Monday that pertains to my particular taste in comics–namely, the X-Men books. Oh boy, where to start? For the record, I am not looking at these “All-New, All-Different” X-books with a weary eye. I love the X-Men. They taught me a lot about what it is to be a hero but also what it is to be a solid human being–which the X-Men were not, according to their misunderstanding foes. Over the past few years, I feel like the X-Men have gone through several transitions. THE RISE AND FALL OF THE SHI’AR EMPIRE was the last X-Men event I read that felt like the golden years. Following the “VULCAN Saga,” MATT FRACTION had a decent run on UNCANNY X-MEN. Many agree that UTOPIA was an excellent idea. I remember TERRY DODSON killing it on the art. GREG LAND did a decent portion of the art during Fraction’s run on Uncanny. I respect his work and effort, but I can’t wrap my head around Land’s art sometimes.

Fraction’s run ended and I can remember being bummed out. KIERON GILLEN picked it up and went all-SINISTER, all-day. I remember the villain, his underground kingdom or whatever, and that’s about it. The stories after The Rise and Fall weighed heavy on CYCLOPS, EMMA FROST, NAMOR, WOLVERINE, and KITTY PRYDE. Then JASON AARON dropped SCHISM. I wish it would’ve lasted a bit longer, but it is still solid. Post-Schiz brought forth another run from Gillen, with Sinister playing a major role in the villainy. Then AvX–Cyke kills PROFESSOR X, becomes estranged, and decides to find new Mutants for a new school.

Eva Bell aka “Tempus” aka “weekly #WCW candidate.”

Enter: BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS. His run on his X-Men titles, for me, gave the X-Men a much-needed resurgence. (Not to mention the biggest brain in the “House of Ideas was writing my favorite series of books.) Unfortunately, laying in the gutter was (and is) a crapbag disagreement between FOX STUDIOS and MARVEL STUDIOS over the rights to the X-Men franchise of films. Bendis’ Uncanny really made me want to be Cyclops again. Not only that, but the addition of characters like EVA BELL and ‘GOLDBALLS’ brought forth a future for new Mutants in the Marvel Universe. I highly suggest checking out Bendis’ run in the X-U. The dialogue in Uncanny, as well as in ALL-NEW X-MEN is hip, funny, and feels like the way an X-Men book should feel in 2015.

But it was too good to be true. SECRET WARS, in all its glory and much-deserved applause (thus far), is–let’s face it–phasing out Fox’s X-Men (and FANTASTIC FOUR) out of the “All-New, All-Different” canon. And I’m not into that one bit. We’ve waited since May for Uncanny X-Men #600. (So, wait, it’s back to ‘Vol. 1?’ Why change it to begin with? Dumb.) But there’s nothing I can do personally but wish the best of luck to the new creators of X-Titles to make them kick all the other Marvel books’ asses.

What are the titles? On Monday, Bleeding Cool dumped the new creators responsible for the new direction of the X-Men books. While I’m excited to read a JEFF LEMIRE X-Men book, the mainstay title–Uncanny X-Men–looks so friggin’ weird.

Here we see MAGNETO, PSYLOCKE, MYSTIQUE (why?!), FANTOMEX, and SABRETOOTH–none of which are original X-Men and are all subject to go psycho at the drop of the hat. I’m not so sure on the decision for this to be the team. (It very well may not be, but then why do this to the main title? Ugh.) CULLEN BUNN (Magneto, SINESTRO) is penning the new volume of Uncanny. Bunn definitely has shown strong chops in regards to writing Mags. The recent series is pretty dope. BUT… Greg Land? Really? This is Uncanny X-Men. For me, I feel this comic looks like a second-tier book when compared to the look of EXTRORDINARY X-MEN written by Jeff Lemire and drawn by HUMBERTO RAMOS. Even the All-New X-Men relaunch with DENNIS HOPELESS and MARK BAGLEY appears more traditional than Uncanny. I think the major X-title should have the best writer and best artist possible. Maybe I’m just being too nitpicky, but it’s a shame that Hollywood’s influence is effecting one of the most important corners of the Marvel U. The X-Men Universe hasn’t looked this dreary since 1998. Anyone remember, Ages of Apocalypse? 

And where is BEAST? Not the Hank from All-New, I’m talking about the Beast responsible for bringing the kids from the 60s. My Beast. Beast-Beast. Gee, I wonder what’s going to happen post-‘Secret Wars?’

Is anyone else scratching their head? I can’t be the only one.

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