Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 2.15.35 AMAnother comic book Wednesday! Hope everyone had a good week. I’m sitting down now with this entry, a new “Lost In Wrestling” blog entry, two episodes of MattyLovesPodcast on the cutting board, and WCW Capitol Combat 1990 running in the background. It’s time for work. Oh, I’m also working with Jason Snow on a chapbook. Later tonight I’ll be working on my illustrations. I hope his Editor doesn’t call. I hate to be in the same room when those two argue.

Good news! I found out by best friend and feline advisor, Tildy, is cancer-free. She had a small mass removed from the corner of her right eye a week ago. The little knucklehead has managed to pluck one of her sutures out already. So of course we had to go back to Tildy’s favorite place in the world: Club Winter Park Vet. (Not really.) Fortunately, the good people there managed to clean her up and informed me there was no need to tie her back up. No real emergency. But I have to keep an eye on her.

And then there was this little thing call the San Diego Comic Con that occurred last weekend. So much news. The main influx of new information came by way of Hollywood as 2016 is lining up to be an even bigger comic book movie year than any we’ve experienced before.

In my opinion, Deadpool stole the show. If anyone didn’t see the panel, feel free to burn about 20 minutes getting to know the cast. It’s going to be the little engine that could next year, trust me. I’m not sure if the leaked footage is available anymore, but just wait for it. Marvel Comics also announced a new Deadpool/Spider-Man series slated to begin later this year. Yes, please.

I saw the X-Men Apocalypse footage. Apocalypse could be taller, but Oscar Isaac is a solid actor. I’m sure there will be CG liberties taken and I will be okay. I didn’t see a lot that blew me away, but I also only saw the footage diagonally. I’m sure something will be up soon. I can’t wait for that first official Olivia Munn-Psylocke shot.

The Man From U.N.C.L.E., starring Henry Cavill, is essentially the James Bond film I wanted Guy Ritchie to direct 15 years ago. The trailer is five whole minutes of awesome.

Speaking of Cavill, the most anticipated Con footage came from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. I saw the panel. This isn’t going to be like any Superman vs. Batman story we’ve seen. I’m not feeling positive either. True, Bats and Supes have rumbled in the comics a bunch of times, but not “all the time.” The moderator asked if the story is canonical. No one says ‘yes.’ When Zack Snyder announced they were showing the footage again, the crowd was somewhat enthused, but not Deadpool-enthused. I feel like this film is trying to send more of a message than just giving us a big, dumb action adventure. But if there is one thing I am looking forward to it has to be Ben Affleck as Bats. I think we’ll come away surprised at his performance. Another dope aspect to the film’s setting is that Metropolis and Gotham City are neighbors. Gothamites take a ferry over to Metropolis to work because there are no jobs in Gotham. When I was a boy, I always thought the two cities were close to one another. But then for a while, it seemed like Metropolis was in Kansas. I think the show Smallville established this. I’m not sure what they did back in the Golden Age. Anyway, *pop* *fizz*.

Finally, the first footage of Suicide Squad premiered. I actually think this Joker is going to be interesting. He and Harley Quinn will steal the show. In my opinion, the sizzle reel was the best one produced for Comic Con.

I saw a lot of grown men posting personal information about their tears of happiness for the hour-long Star Wars The Force Awakens panel from last Friday. I get it. This movie is going to be incredible. But outside of sports, get it together bros.

[Editor’s Note: Matt’s lying. Despite his reservations, if that fool sees the words: INVINCIBLE MOVIE/SHOW/WHATEVER IN PRE-PRODUCTION in print on Bleeding Cool— yeah, joyous waterworks. As if crying about sports is any different from crying about new film releases.]

So with classes, writing, and making sure “The Goozer” is happy and healthy, I’ve been pretty busy. How busy? Enough to only get like, 75% of the way through last week’s selections. The books I managed to read were fairly entertaining.

Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen’s Descender is shaping up for a big finish. It seems that Dr. Quon isn’t all that he’s cracked up to be. This is another one of those new series from Image Comics that I want to see continue with a second volume. Soon. I love Driller. This comic book “is a real killer.”

Batman #42 shows us what would happen if ‘Robo-Bats’ took on Sandman (Flint Marko). But in this case, it’s Gee Gee Hueng, a thug with the ability to manipulate silicon. He also has two out of three horns on his head. Jim Gordon also needs Bruce Wayne, and a cigarette. Greg Capullo is one of the best artists in the game. He’s a staple of consistency.
After getting through Future Imperfect #2, Little Marvel #2, A-Force #2, and Ultimate End #3–from two weeks ago, all of which were exciting–I got through a few more Secret Wars tie-ins released last week. Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows is one of the better tie-in miniseries. Marvel is doing an awesome job in keeping all of these tie-ins on separate playing fields. They all have their own unique mood and tone. Dan Slott makes this particular story feel like he were writing Amazing back when Dave Michelinie had the pen in 1989. It’s very ‘World Without Spider-Man.’ Annie Parker is going to be the next character in the Spider-Verse to build a cult fan base (i.e. Spider-Gwen).

Spider-Island #1 gave me the idea we would see Mary Jane swinging about New York City in her little get-up from the original arc. Unfortunately, no MJ to be found. Flash Thompson-Venom is the focal point. Any fans of his previous series will want to pick this one up. Carol Danvers drinks the Morbius formula. That said, out of all the weird Secret Wars tie-ins I’ve read, this story reminds me a lot of the old What if? stories from when I was a boy. “What if– Wolverine had been ‘Lord of the Vampires’ during Inferno?” is one of my personal favorites.

Finishing Mark Gruenwald’s Squadron Supreme Omnibus has become a top reading priority. The plot of Squadron Sinister is (I think) doing similar things as Gruenwald’s story. The problem is, I haven’t gotten to issues 8-12. Marc Guggenheim definitely has the tone set perfectly. Not only that, but Carlos Pacheco, one of my favorite comic book artists ever, captures Sal Buscema’s original tone . I love his Warrior Woman redesign. Also, The Fightful Four are players in the second issue! You can not go wrong with Wizard.

I still need to read Age of Apocolypse #1, Injection, and the Mad Max books I picked up last week. Those will be dealt with in a bit, poolside. But let’s look ahead to what I have in store for me this week. (No pun intended.)

My list for 7/15/2015










Well, the Secret Wars books all look ‘scrumtulecant’ this week. Guardians of Knowhere looks insanely cool (Bendis! Deodato!). Planet Hulk is a key book in all the Secret Wars miniseries. Where Monsters Dwell is one of my absolute favorite surprises to come out of this launch. Years of Future Past tried to fool me in believing this new, future Robert Kelly wasn’t a scumbag. Nice try. James Robinson’s Armor Wars is a totally different story from what I originally imagined. Marcio Takara is another fantastic artist Marvel managed to snag for the event.

DC Comics presents the next chapter in “The Darkseid War.” The JL in this story are secondary to the heroes and villains from New Genesis and Apokolips. I really enjoy Geoff Johns’ Orion and Mr. Miracle. Justice League, for me, hasn’t felt right from the jump. After over forty issues, the heroes still seem out of place. One thing this story has the potential to do is bring the JL together to find their place–however, I seriously doubt this will happen.

Oh yeah, and just a little comic called Invincible drops issue number 121. Just Thragg it. He’s building a franchise.

It’s going to be a super-exciting Wednesday of reading. Until the next…


FullSizeRender-2Matt de Simone is a writer, avid weekly comic book reader, podcaster, and occasional violator of Florida state traffic laws. Floridians drive like stupid maniacs. Most crazy people have a touch of genius. Florida’s loony tunes forget green means go. Matt isn’t a fan of this. It really grinds his gears when he has to break traffic laws in order to get to class on time. He’s now the “stupid maniac.”

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