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Happy Wednesday! Comic books! I’m totally into this week’s pull list. (You’ll see why. And no, not for story reasons.)

I’m just now coming off of an afternoon of recording new episodes of my podcast. The next two are pretty special for Tom Lucas and myself. If anyone ever asked us, “What comics did you grow up reading?” episode five of MattyLovesPodcast will unveil “The History of Comics According To Matt and Tom, Part 1.” It’s our ‘origin story’ as readers, collectors, and fans. If you haven’t indulged me by taking an episode or two for a spin, please feel free. You may even like it. It’s comic centric conversation each and every episode. We’re proud of what we’ve managed to produce so far. There is much more to come. Summerslam 2015-week especially.

Speaking of pro wrestling, I’m proud of young ace Trevor Lee becoming TNA Tag Team Champion at the recent TNA tapings at Universal. I’m proud to say I’ve watched him grow as a wrestler and a person. He’s a hard-worker, no pun intended. He sneers in all of his promo photos. It’s wrestling, that’s what you do. The future is bright for this young man. I can also say that for some other individuals in the CWF Mid-Atlantic locker room. TNA will get my viewer support when Trev debuts. Do I have that channel? Anyway, if I can get everything in order by 5PM, I might head out to Universal Studios and see Trev stomp someone out.

TILDY UPDATE: She’s better than your cat.

Ah, hell, that’s all I’ve got as far as ‘life-stuff’ goes. Onto more important matters: comics. Last week I managed to get through five books from the weekly pile. Weirdworld is awesome. Planet Hulk continues to impress. I have yet to get read my Flash, Kanan, Old Man Logan, and Future Imperfect books. It’s looking like I’ll be hitting those bad boys up before I get into today’s stack. But, alas! That won’t be much of an issue. (I need to chill with the unintended puns.)

My pull list for 7/29/2015






X-MEN ‘92 2

Holy crap. That’s it? I’m not saying six books is enough. I’m saying that I’m not worried about spending bookoos this week. I always feel like the publishers dump everything on us at the end of each month. I’m cool with this. (Trust me. Next week’s pulls are insane.)

I’ve stated before how much I love He-Man: The Eternity War. So many new elements are added into this ‘DC canon’ that truly enriches the characters many grew to know and love. I love the role of Skeletor especially. Did any of you dig Hordak, those of you lucky enough to experience the 80s and He-Man and She-Ra: The Secret of the Sword? I feel many readers of DC’s previous two volumes of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe were anticipating the manifestation of the Hordak we all love. This means Hordak wasn’t always, um, humanoid. The creative teams were trying something different and, well, you people need to be reading this stuff. In conclusion, Eternity War is for all He-Man and She-Ra fans. Another rad thing about the book is that new readers can start from the first issue and find their own connection to the story. Good comics do that stuff.

Like Southern Bastards, for instance–this book cooks. A new reader can pick up the volume two trade paperback on Amazon for $5(!) and need not volume one. If you read volume one after volume two, then you will read in the chronological order of the story’s events. Plot elements will make sense either way. If you’re a football fan, know the rigors of summer preparations, and know a bit about the politics of small-town high school football then this book is for you. If you dig violence, this book is for you. If you are a fan of the University of Alabama’s pro, oops, I mean, college football program, this book should be ‘rollin’’ off the shelf and into your ‘tide.’ Tide, meaning: hands. I don’t think anyone has ever referred to hands as ‘tides.’ That was not clever at all.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Matt wrote this around 2:30 AM, so, yeah.] 

In the newest episode of my podcast, MattyLovesPodcast, “Dr. Tom” and I talk a little about my reading of all the Star Wars titles currently being published by Marvel. This experience is rewarding. It feels like I’m putting my hard-earned moolah to good use. From the Star Wars main title, to Darth Vader, the Princess Leia miniseries that ended, and now Lando–super-fun good times. Even the Kanan series is entertaining. I don’t even watch Star Wars Rebels, but don’t really need to in order to follow the story. Good comics do that stuff. I’m repeating myself, aren’t I?

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Yep. Go to sleep.] 

Oh, and we have Superman #42 hitting the shops today. Super. Looks like this is the issue when ‘New-52’ Superman reveals his secret identity to Lois Lane. Did she truly “betray” him? Wait, isn’t Supes still with Wonder Woman? What does she think? Does anyone read Superman/Wonder Woman? I admittedly stopped reading early on in the series. I felt as though the book was used as ‘just another title.’ There have been zero news blurbs that give me a reason to read the Supes/WW ongoing. If anyone has one or two, throw them my way. I love a good Superman story. Them’s hard to come by.

Finally there are two Secret Wars tie-ins in X-Men ’92 and Thors. I enjoyed each of the first issues respectively. The fact that a ‘Thor Corps’ are policing Doomworld is insane to think about. Jason Aaron has his hands in Thors, as well as Southern Bastards, Vader, and Star Wars–all of which I’ve mentioned in this particular post. He is undoubtedly one of my favorite writers in the game right now. Would love to have a beer with that guy.

Yeah, so that’s all I have on this Wednesday. I’ll be working this week on editing the next episode of my podcast, doing homework, working, and more homework. Of course I’ll find the time to catch up on my reading, but securing my pristine GPA is paramount.

Be good to yourself, folks. See you next Wednesday.

FullSizeRender-2Matt de Simone started writing this post early, early this morning. Please forgive the scatterbrainedness. That’s not a word, but hopefully you understand where his conscious rested when he started this draft. Matt did in fact get some sleep before his nine o’clock class. Hopefully his mother doesn’t worry. He’s a working boy. There is not enough time in the universe to get everything done. We all make due.

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