[EDITOR’S NOTE: Matt doesn’t take the time to apologize about the tardiness of today’s blog entry. So, I–The Editor–found a spot to clearly state our deepest regrets. This blog was almost in the can this morning. Mr. Knucklehead over here ‘adulted’ a bit too much today. He’ll tell you he was just rocking. Don’t listen to him.]

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September, you are a prized piece.

Am I right? We’ve entered the greatest of the great months in the year. September. Say good-bye to the summer. While it lingers, the leaves decide to say, “Hey, wanna go out with a bang? I’m gonna try to change as many shades of red as I can.” And they do. Of course, down here in sunny Florida, I won’t get to experience the fall foliage. But it’s okay. I experienced it all every year for 31 years. (Some of the curmudgeons down here could use a little fall foliage. They don’t know what they’re missing.)

As I return to Blogland, I also prepare to return to Podcastville later on this week. After almost two weeks of figuring out what MattyLovesPodcast is and does. It wasn’t figuring out what my podcast ‘is,’ so much as to where I’m going to put it. Right now, we have a YouTube page. It’s a fine YouTube home, but I feel MLP deserves a bit more. The next episode will sound better, feel better, squeal better–all that stuff. The debut of MattyLoves: the webpage is right around the corner. I just need for September to roll along smoothly, because October is going to be nuts.

Speaking of October, for some reason, I’ve been in the Halloween spirit for the past few days. Sadly, there was the announcement of Wes Craven’s passing. So of course, out of respect and memory, the Nightmare films and also the Scream anthology raced through my memory banks. All of the Nightmare stuff will always have a special place in my heart. So will Mr. Craven. He inspired, like, everyone. Craven’s work is best administered in the fall season. Please take advantage.

As I write, I listen to Susan Sarandon sing into my earholes. I’m not sure when certain quotes and verses from The Rocky Horror Picture Show started picking away at my soul. Well, this week at least. I didn’t understand what it all meant at fifteen, but the music is killer. Don’t dream it, be it. Profound shit. The soundtrack is on Spotify. It’s been ripping through my $35 stereo. Tim Curry is a legendary Hollywood villain. Rocky Horror opened the door to Home Alone 2: Lost In New York. So, yeah, think about that. But in all seriousness, all of the performances are top-notch. The film is tremendous. (I can’t imagine the show at The Roxy in 1973.) And Susan Sarandon in 1975 was as hot as any human being ever made. She’s in my top-10 Hollywood leading ladies without a doubt.

This time last week was a bum out. I wasn’t in the mood to do much of anything last Wednesday. The world hopefully empathizes. To rise out of the funk, I drove down to A Comic Shop, and scooped my weekly stack of books. Unfortunately, I still had the stack from the week before to run through. I didn’t have any idea of how many Secret Wars book would set back my weekly reading. I’m about to start rocking some of last week’s issues out, including the new issue of Superman.

But am I going to let my books just sit on a shelf and await my loving arms of power and strength and power? No way, dude. I’ve got’s books to bag and board.

My list for 09/02/2015:













Hey, what do you know? There are a lot of Secret Wars book this week. Hail Hydra’s introductory issue was solid. I’m interested to see what Rick Remender does with this series considering this will be one of his last for Marvel. He’s focusing on his creator-owned material–like Tokyo Ghost. (I’m so excited for that book!!)

Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde is at the top of my “catch-up stack.” I love Sam Humphries’ work–especially what he’s done during SW (see: Planet Hulk, yo). He delivers good dialogue similar to Brian Michael Bendis. They ‘get’ the young people’s jive.

Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham’s run on Miraclemanwhich started 25 years ago–will be finally completed. The stories during the tail end of the Eclipse Comics run of the original series were never completed. After a lot of legal whoseits and whatnots, we finally get to pick up where many left off. I still need to read the rest of Marvel’s reprinted volumes. But, duh, I’m picking it up.

Just when you were bummed as hell that Jeff Lemire’s first volume (!) of Descender just ended, have no fear. Today, Lemire presents: Plutona. Also, one individual that I feel doesn’t get enough recognition is Jordie Bellaire. She’s the colorist on anything that’s currently dope in comics. And she’s Irish. And she’s beautiful. If you see her name, the colors will be spectacular. I promise. Now I don’t like to ‘spoilerize’ myself with many new comics, but even as I tried to find out what Plutona is about, I came up with very little. All I got was that it’s a “heartfelt super hero series.” So in review: the book is written by Lemire. It’s heartfelt. Take my money.

It’s a pretty stout week and a hefty pile of reading I need to trudge through. It’s not really ‘trudging’ so much as forging my knowledge of the more recent titles. I think I might just get on that.

New episode of the podcast out THIS FRIDAY NIGHT!

FOOTBALL NEXT WEEK! Like, real football.



FullSizeRender-2Matt de Simone once caught a spaceship with his bare hands after jumping too high on a trampoline. That’s a lie. He couldn’t think of a more clever way to state that he is a writer, podcast host, and comic book enthusiast. He did have a trampoline in his backyard while growing up. It’s where he learned to suplex.

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