“Dr.” Tom’s pissed because he didn’t end up with cybernetics post-op. You also find out when the cabin fever kicks in after back surgery.

“What Are You Reading?” covers THE ADHD VAMPIRE by MATTHEW VAUGHN, a bizarro novella about–you guessed it–a vampire with ADHD. Matt is reading MIRACLEMAN and enjoying MARVEL’S STAR WARS comic books.

Matt and Tom’s “The History… Pt. 1” covers the duo’s early years of reading and collecting.

Tom started out reading super hero books until ALAN MOORE ruined everything for him (for a while). Enter: VERTIGO’s heyday.

Matt started out reading super hero books drawn by TODD McFARLANE, JIM LEE, ERIK LARSEN, ROB LIEFELD and MARC SILVESTRI.

[The redheaded female character Matt was confused about is named MAXIMA. Not ‘Proxima.’]

All of this, plus Matt’s blunders over DARTH VADER’S family tree and which issue of WOLVERINE his parents randomly bought him one day.


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