The second episode of MattyLovesPodcast are go!

‘Dr.’ Tom and I discuss how comics, film, and other forms of entertainment have affected our damaged brains forever in the best ways possible.

The X-Men taught me a lot of about social acceptance.

Tom had a copy of the very first printing of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1… Stay tuned for later episodes to find out why he doesn’t have it now.

Watchmen blew our minds. Tom did not want to wait over a month for Rorschach’s origin reveal to be released. I read my brother’s copy.

Tom is Slade Wilson.

Here are a few Google Images for this week:
“Dave Gibbons Art”
“R Crumb Art”
“George Perez Teen Titans Covers” or “Nightwing Teen Titans Costume”

A few bands to Spotify this week:
Cock Sparrer
Sham 69

KISS is one of my favorite bands ever made. They taught me how to write cheeky lyrics. “Take Me” also taught me about Paul Stanley’s sexual innuendos. I explain.

Tom loved “The Weekend Top-40” as a kid–until The Sex Pistols.

I give away the Back To The Future ending for my life. I also talk Miyagisms.

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