Welocme to the official Halloween Primer here at MattyLovesPodcast!

This week, Matt and “Dr.” Tom are joined by their good buddy, writer, and book reviewer, Dr. Josh Begley.

They discuss their favorite elements of Halloween and what makes the season so special.

Monster Squad is on Netflix. If you haven’t watched it, what is wrong with you?

The fella also divulge information about their favorite past Halloween costumes and memories.

All this and more!


This week MATT and “DR.” TOM are joined with Special Guest DR. JOSH BEGLEY–a writer, comic book reviewer, and the nicest guy you’ll ever meet.

The fellas set you up for the HALLOWEEN season as they discuss a topics.

MONSTER SQUAD is on NETFLIX. Why aren’t you watching it?

The greatest Halloween costumes that only a mother could produce.

JOSH loves dressing up as INDIANA JONES.

TOM used to have a sick SPIDER-MAN costume.


All this and more! Get ready as MLP provides the month of October with a HALLOWEEN PRIMER!


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