Before VOLUME TWO, there was the GIANT-SIZED ANNUAL!

MLP is back with a special brand of podcasts for the month of December focusing mainly on STAR WARS. You know, there’s a new one on the horizon? As in, TWO WEEKS AWAY?

Matt and “Dr. Tom” are stoked. They reconvene this week and discuss what’s been going on with them.

Matt is still catching up on his comics. (He has, by the way.) He’s loving the Star Wars comics from MARVEL.

Tom agrees with Matt on the lack of romance in the original Star Wars trilogy.

Matt still thinks he knows exactly what to do to solve any convoluted continuity in comic books.

Matt also says the old, SPIDER-MAN CLASSICS figures with full articulation are worth $100. He’s a moron. To prove himself the fool, he placed a bid on each of the figure he mentioned on eBay… for $20.

Tom is playing STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT and FALLOUT 4. He is all about it–more so Fallout 4…

…which Matt intends to buy. Listen as “The Street Shaman” convinces Matt to spend hard-earned loot on video games (as opposed to comics.)



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