MattyLovesPodcast transmogrifies while traveling through hyperspace to a galaxy far, far away.

Once MLP reaches “A long time ago…” it becomes–


Host of “MattyLovesPodcast,” Matt de Simone, along with his pal and regular co-host, “Dr. Tom” Lucas, are joined alongside Orlando, Florida STAR WARS aficionado, Nicholas DeCicco.

Matt will be joined by “The Street Shaman” and “The Supreme Chancellor of Geekdom” for all FIVE of the Star Wars films that are apart of THE MACHETE ORDER” ( This was a proposed internet idea that hit geeky gold. The Order is prescribed to build the suspense of the story of the first six films (sans Episode I).

In this edition of MattyLovesTheForce. the fellas will be watching the one that started it all, 1977’s STAR WARS, “Episode I,” “Episode One,” “A New Hope,” “The First One,” etc. Their commentary will serve as a nice, ridiculous dressing over top this timeless epic.

Be sure to pay attention to the specific instructions given so that you listeners at home can sync your DVD, VHS, BETAMAX, LASERDISC, whatever, to the correct time in which the guys at MLTF start spinning the flick themselves–NOT when the track initially starts.

Enjoy, and “May The Force Be With You!”

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