Part two of “The Giant-Sized Annual” continues. This week, Matt is joined by author, Simone Caroti. Unfortunately, “Dr. Tom” has been a bit under the weather, but was clutch enough to send Simone in his absence.

Good call, Doc. The following podcast is more so an interview than the usual commentary on comic books, film, games, and all-things “geekdom.” So sit back, and drink it in nice. You might learn something.

Simone talks about coming over from his native Italy and a few experiences during his time at Purdue University.

One of those experiences when Simone met his wife, who is currently defying any uncertainties about modern science.

What is The Generation Starship In Science Fiction: A Critical History, 1934-2001?

Oh yeah, and of course the guys talk about Star Wars, the anime genre in Italy during the late 70’s-early 80’s–Mobile Suit Gundam, etc. They had to get that in.


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