Happy Birthday, America! And Happy Birthday to MattyLovesPodcast as today marks the first anniversary celebration!

Matt de Simone and “Dr.” Tom Lucas take a quick look back on the previous year of shows and good times.

So, now MLP is back on track with the standard numbering. Welcome to issue #40.

Matt is officially dialed into The 2016 Star Wars Celebration and his tickets are secured.

Guns ‘N Roses will be in Orlando at the end of July. Matt and “The Street Shaman” are both going. They’re stoked.

Tying in soccer (futbol) is more or less suffering two losses. The fellas discuss why it can be a tad irritating.

The main focus this week is comic book creator, Warren Ellis. Tom has a vast knowledge of Ellis’ older catalog of work. Matt reads a lot of Ellis’ current work. They gush about how Ellis is such a badass.


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Matt de Simone’s blog: Mattyloves.com

Tom Lucas’ website: readtomlucas.com

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