Another episode of MattyLovesPodcast has returned!

This week, Cooper Davis Smith, E-I-C at joins Matt de Simone as they discuss one of the funnest dinner conversations geeks can have: FAN THEORY.

Fan theories are basically theories fans of film and television (comics, novels, etc.) based mainly on assumption. Either the story didn’t end the way the fan wanted, or the story was lacking that “killer” punch to elevate it.

Matt and Coop discuss a few of the more popular fan theories regarding the Star Wars franchise (duh), James Cameron’s Titanic, the old Nickelodeon original: Rugrats, Indiana Jones, E.T., and much more.

Just sit back and listen to these two speculate their hearts away. If you’ve ever seen any of these films or television shows you won’t watch or think about them the same way again.
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