(SoundCloud profile is down for the moment. Please use the YouTube link while SC is figuring itself out. Thank you.)

After the last week of NFL action, Matt de Simone and Grant Sawyer reconvene to try and and access what in the hell is going on with their respective teams.

There is much to discuss involving the CWF Mid-Atlantic. The year is closing to its finish and December has just gotten a little busier than usual for the boys in Gibsonville, NC.

WWE Survivor Series concluded this past Sunday, so Matt and Grant share their thoughts on the last “big show” for the company in 2016.

That, and so much more. Enjoy yet another episode. Thanks for the views!


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Matt de Simone’s blog: Mattyloves.com

CWF Mid-Atlantic’s website: cwf247.com

CWF’s YouTube Archive: http://www.youtube.com/user/CWFMidAtlantic


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