!!FRESH EPISODE!! Recorded Mar 7, 2017

MLP welcomes the talented author, “Dr.” Tom Lucas, back to the show for a discussion on what’s recently been entertaining for the duo. The fellas talk about shows like FX’s Legion, SyFy’s Expanseand PreacherMatty drops a little knowledge about the character of David Haller. Tom tries to explain what Preacher doesn’t do right.

Tom also talks a bit about 2000 A.D. and Thrill-Power Overload.

MLP gives a shout out to Daniel Coreycomic book creator responsible for the Moriarty series from Image Comics. Tom recently had the pleasure of meeting Corey at a recent event where Tom moderated a panel focusing in on comics in the digital age of media. If you’ve yet to check out titles like Corey’s Moriarty and Red Citygive them a look.

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