A Comic Shop is located at 114 S Semoran Blvd in Winter Park, FL. (PHOTO/Matt de Simone)

A Comic Shop in Winter Park, Florida houses all the necessary for any new comic book reader’s “starter kit.” The shop’s helpful staff welcome readers old and new with open arms and valuable suggestions. ACS’s owner, Aaron Haaland, provides the local comic book community not only the power stay up on the most recent titles, but A Comic Shop also offers his customers a place to cut loose with the confines of The Geek Easy—the bar located behind the brick wall at the real of the shop.

The store’s weekly events give new readers or fans of the genre a chance to meet other members of A Comic Shop’s community, or, allow die-hard readers a chance to meet their favorite creators.

A sample of A Comic Shop’s latest inventory. (PHOTO/Matt de Simone)

The best aspect of A Comic Shop comes in the form of the selection of solicitations fresh off the presses. Within this giant shoe box of comics is a story for anyone. Fans of the comic book films have a chance to look upon walls filled with pertinent books related to the new films.

Haaland and the staff excel in organizing the shelves to make the experience as easy as possible. A well-read customer unfamiliar with the shop can easily find exactly what they’re looking for. A mother frantically looking for books related to Batman can enter A Comic Shop and have no trouble landing a last-minute gift for her son’s birthday.

“A giant shoe box full of comics.” (PHOTO/Matt de Simone)

A Comic Shop is the comic shop for anyone, open seven days a week. Follow ACS on Twitter and like their Facebook page to stay up to date on all their latest releases and events.

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