Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 2.44.18 PMWhole World Wrestling’s Certain Consequences PPV Review 

By Deuce Critchell, Editor-in-Chief for The Wrestling Lantern

IN-RING PROMO: Interesting start to the show. Major Tom asked for Wu Fang to meet him in the ring. Tom and Wu Fang apparently agreed to allow Hannibal to enter the main event to make it a triple threat elimination. Just like that. Shogun and Cuesh were backstage watching this on an LCD television. Cuesh smashed the screen with a chair as pretty much any Executioner or Shogun fan wanted to do at that point, mere minutes into the broadcast.

I’m not entirely sure the live audience understood why all of this was happening. If there were a little more explanation of why Hannibal qualified—after he didn’t in front of a live audience the Wednesday night before this event—the twist would’ve been a bit more palatable. Maybe I look at this more as a “what have you done for me lately” kind of thing. Hannibal’s track record certainly proves his worthy of a title shot, but he hasn’t done anything recently—in my eyes—to be thrown into an already incredible W3 Heavyweight Title match.


8-Man Scramble Match

The Unknown vs. One Hot Gemini vs. Prince Pajaro vs. Black Belt vs. Dim Sum vs. Jaguar vs. Le Masquerade vs. Han Zo Mon

W3’s scrambles are always impressive in both the in-ring action and the commentary team’s role in telling the story. Dino Winwood did an excellent job of guiding fans through different areas of action in the ring. With who they had in the ring, that’s not an easy task even if your name is Norton Goalie.

The fans stayed on their feet throughout this match. Once Le Masquerade knocked out 1HG with his French Facebuster, the chanting and cheering kicked into high gear, and to W3’s credit, it really didn’t stop for most of the night. Jaguar was impressive as always. Prince Pajaro needs more screen time. He’s always a highlight reel.

The eliminations were all seemingly timed to perfection. Unknown collects a huge win here. I imagine we’ll see another Claw/Unknown match up soon.




FScreen Shot 2020-10-19 at 12.39.40 AMight for the Fifth – Jr. Hvywt. Division

#5 Black Ninja vs. Claw

Lots of back and forth action early. Black Ninja’s “Marital Arts” background clashes well with Claw’s quick striking and throws. Claw’s new Clawful Waffle variation has become one of wrestling’s most dangerous body drivers. One of the night’s best moments occurred when Black Ninja ran, leaped over the top rope, and gave Claw a Rana to the floor. Big Dawg noted Black Ninja’s excellent body control. It was on display; however, it wasn’t enough. Claw wasn’t there to put on a show. He looked for a perfect time to get back the #5 spot—a time that would hurt Black Ninja the most: Fight for the Fifth-time. (Man, I’m tired of being right.)

Winner: CLAW, THE



Special Tag Team Match

The Count and Grizz Lee vs. #4 Bolt Jamison and Bad Blood

Type “OSS” Negative have been a tag team stalwart in W3 for quite a while. Blood Bolt rise naturally led them to a marquee encounter with an established team on a big stage. The crowd was really into the individual entrances. Over the past couple of shows, both Bolt and Bad Blood got singles victories over Count and Grizz, respectively. I didn’t expect how well Type OSS faired when facing Blood Bolt in a more familiar contest.

Count and Grizz both effectively avoided most of Blood Bolt’s double team attempts early. Meanwhile, some of the corner work from Type OSS is the best I’ve seen. They cut the ring off and didn’t allow Blood Bolt’s quickness to get the best of them. Type OSS proved they learned from their mistakes. No one really gained an advantage throughout the contest. It worked out. A few big moves saw both teams appear to have the upper hand, but, ultimately, it was a fury of attacks from Grizz onto Bolt sealed a Type OSS victory when Bolt Jamison tapped out to Grizz’s body vice.

Winners: TYPE “OSS” NEGATIVE (The Count and Grizz Lee)


This was, without a doubt, the biggest surprise of the night. It seems “The Blood Contingent” (or whatever their band name becomes) of Bolt, Bad Blood, Abispa, and Hannibal were in line for a clean sweep. At this point, they’re arguably the company’s most popular quartet. That’s why I found it interesting that they “Chee’d” themselves at this event.

Similarly to what happened at a big W3 show a while back (the name evades me), the Chee Dynasty was shut out in a similar situation. Maybe this is a tactic from a matchmaking standpoint. The W3 booking committee has made it known that no one is safe. It’s part of the success of the company thus far, most notably from a competitive standpoint. It looked like #4 ranked Blood Bolt was on a burner toward the tag team titles. That may have to wait at least until they can get their win back versus Type OSS, which won’t be an easy feat.


Special Singles Match

Kim Chee (w/ Ming Chee, “Hot Body” Dake Ken, and Puchteca) vs. Makio Khronos

Both of these wrestlers are two of the heaviest strikers in W3. All of their skills were on display. Kim threw plenty of knee strikes. Khronos displayed his power by getting up Kim and hitting a Two-Legged Devil. I thought the match might have come to a surprising finish there. He also Organized Crime kicked Kim from the top rope, which is something I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone attempt before. Once Kim Chee kicked out of the Two-Legged Devil, Khronos’ chases became slimmer. Eventually, a flurry of brutal strikes focused on the bridge of Khronos’ nose that Kim Chee absolutely destroyed with a round kick about halfway through the match. From what I was told, Khronos is reportedly pretty banged up. I’m not sure of the official diagnosis, but his nose is likely the issue. If not, Khronos is a lucky man. I don’t know how Kim’s karate kick didn’t knock him out.

I do have one minor gripe. The Chee Dynasty completely sabotaged another match involving Kim Chee. Khronos locked in multiple Shut The Fux only to see Chee Dynasty members distracting Blu Shuz. They’re still outside throwing in weapons that Kim doesn’t ever use. They’re presence gains nothing for Kim Chee or, for that matter, any member of his crew. I feel as though these two need to square off once again down the road without the circus at ringside. We shall see.

Winner: KIM CHEE



Fight for the Fifth – Heavyweight Division

Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 2.48.53 PM#5 Blackheart vs. Shaman

W3 has recently presented several matches where two competitors are on fire, heading into a Fight for the Fifth. These matches never disappoint. The top five wrestlers in all divisions are recognized as the top stars in the company. So, when you have two men who are tag team partners—recently tag team champions—go at each other as hard as they went, you see how much it means to be #5.

Neither wrestler pulled a punch. They fought dirty as well, which the crowd thoroughly enjoyed. I tend to forget Blackheart and Shaman are two of the largest in W3. Both men threw each other with ease. Both wrestlers’ efforts were tremendous. Blackheart went as far as ripping Shaman’s forehead open with his teeth.

And then, Shaman kicked out of Blackheart’s The Brainbuster™. I don’t think anyone believed it at that point in the contest. The next thing I knew, Shaman had his tag team partner synched in the Cobra Twist, and that was it. I thought the match was superb. The longer Shaman sits at #5; the quicker Blackheart can survive an eliminator and get back into contention. This fifth spot seems to be a title in itself how these Fight for the Fifth’s have played out recently.

Winner: SHAMAN



SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT: Dr. Frank announced he’s hosting “Mega Meat’s Birthday Brain Bash” on Halloween night. There’s been many wrestling board talk about W3 making plans for a big Halloween show for a while now. It’s an opportunity W3 can’t pass up. I have an idea what any of this could mean aside from Dr. Frank, Mega Meat, and possibly the return of Jerry Kaplowitz—who were all involved in the promo.


Unsanctioned Legit Street Fight

Brickowski & AKI Man vs. David Harley and Mack Tucker (w/ Tim Curd)

Despite the Street Fight stipulation, this match worked out more like a Texas Tornado tag match. None of the expected plunder was ever involved. The story focused on the returning Brickowski and AKI Man dominating Harley and Tucker right in front of their former boss. They made it look easy. I think this match mainly served as a placeholder until Brickowski is officially under a W3 contract.

I thought this was an interesting approach giving that all liabilities were seemingly thrown out of the window, risking any injuries to Brick, AKI Man, or Turd’s Curds. Fortunately, I was told there were no serious injuries that came from this street fight. Brick and AKI played it safe. I think this match served as an 11-minute placeholder until Brick is finally under a W3 contract. I would expect the issues between these teams are far from over. Joe Bruiser is still waiting in the wings. We all want to see Brick vs. Bruiser down the road. Legend pointed out how Brick looked to be working a bit more on his boxing skills. Brother’s going to need it.

On a side note: I would love to see Makio Khronos and AKI Man go one-on-one. Both men are masters of the Superhook/Shut The Fux submission holds. It would be an interesting match, in my opinion—a true catchweight bout.




W3 Jr. Heavyweight Championship Match

Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 2.50.51 PMAbispa (c) vs. #1 Aztec Dragoon

This is a rubber match I’ve waited for. If I recall, Abispa and Aztec Dragoon had previously defended and lost the Jr. Championship to each other in their previous two contests. I think there is an ongoing trend here. This encounter was extremely fast-paced. Abispa’s elbows and openhand smashes continuously found their mark. His sneaky power was also on display. However, Aztec Dragoon’s kicks are not to be welcomed. In the closing moments of the match, Abispa left the front door wide open. A.D. pummeled Abispa with kicks. Following a soccer-style karate kick to the base of his spine, Dragoon seized the Jr. Heavyweight Championship with a Dragoon Press at around thirteen minutes.

A quick contest. Although I don’t think there’s a lot of animosity between both Jr. heavyweights, something has to give. Two out of three falls? Best of seven? This rivalry is definitely on The Wrestling Lantern’s radar for “Feud of the Year,” even if these guys don’t hate each other. (Yet.)

Winner: Aztec Dragoon **NEW CHAMPION**



W3 Tag Team Championship Match

Beast Sasori & Black Widow (c) vs. #1 The Turk & Deyv Kirilenko

This may have been the most straight-forward tag team title match in W3 history. Big Dawg pointed out a possibility that Robin Charleston briefed both teams before the bout, possibly instructing both teams to stay in their corners to alleviate any potential chaos. Although it made the match more of a pure wrestling tag match, this was a title bout. We need that drama. Due to the lack of “legal” interference, it almost turned the contest into separate singles matches.

All that aside, I thought both teams looked good. At the same time, there wasn’t a lot of risk-taking. Beast and Widow took their chances from the high rent district, but none of their attempts really scored on Turk or Deyv. The number one contenders showed their wrestling wherewithal, stuck to their guns, and used their technical prowess, power, and headbutts to gain a slight advantage. Turk seized an opportunity to hit a few rolling snap suplexes into a fisherman’s clutch on Black Widow to with the tag titles for Turk-Deyv.



Hear me out as I put on my tinfoil hat, and I try and convince you of the reason The Sisters of Vengeance lost the W3 tag titles to Turk-Deyv. A while back, Black Widow had some shady dealings with former boss Tim Curd. Black Widow’s a great wrestler, shady as hell. The SoV is far from being best friends. I believe there’s more to it—possibly a long con orchestrated by Black Widow driven by jealousy. Beast is one of W3’s more popular wrestlers. I can speak for many that while I believe Black Widow is one of the most technically proficient competitors in the company, her attitude needs an adjustment. Did she get to Robin Charleston, forcing him to tighten the rules? Could she have kicked out? I’ve seen Widow take some punishment. There has to be more than meets the eye.


Barbed Wire Triple Hell Double Dare Possibly Exploding Ring Death Match

Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 2.54.20 PMPrickly Pete vs. #2 Sumo Jo

This was a brutal match to reiterate that Sumo Jo could be the biggest foil in W3. I loved the build to this match. Pete went into the contest as a man who could potentially take down Jo. The elements were familiar for Pete and arguably had the upper hand. The match saw both men use the provided resources. Prickly Pete surprisingly drew first blood on Jo early in the bout, but as Legend pointed out, the early streak of violence from Pete woke up the seemingly sleeping giant. Jo started throwing Pete around. Pete kept getting up and hitting Jo over the head with anything he could find.

I was really impressed with Pete’s power. You don’t see many competitors manage to scoop up Jo and do whatever they want successfully. Jo surely didn’t make it easy for Pete, who still managed to hang tough. Unfortunately for Pete, the Usurper Chop is one of those finishers that you don’t fully recover from a physical and/or mental standpoint. After one, Pete kicked out. The crowd went crazy. Jo then panicked and jammed Pete with a brutal powerbomb pinning predicament. Another kick out. Finally, Jo dragged Pete to the center of the ring and put him away with a stabbing elbow to the back of Pete’s head.

Winner: SUMO JO



W3 Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat Match

Major Tom (c) vs. #1 Wu Fang vs. #not ranked Hannibal

Despite whether Hannibal needed to be wedged into the main event or not, many fans were already buzzing about the headliner. The match delivered. Major Tom’s striking is arguably on the same level as the Wu Fang’s and the Sumo Jo’s. His straight right hand is deadly. He spent a lot of time teeing-off on Wu Fang and Hannibal, particularly during pinning attempts. He wasn’t the only one, though. Wu Fang had an elbow strike to answer any attack thrown at him by Tom of Hannibal. Meanwhile, Hannibal hit about five Deals that were all broken up by the odd man out.

Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 2.56.30 PMAfter nearly 40 minutes of wrestling chess, Wu Fang buried Hannibal with an OG Jaguar Driver pin attempt that Tom broke up only to take Hannibal’s leg and synch in a Spinning Tom Hold for the first elimination. Tom and Wu Fang then immediately went back and forth right after, with Wu Fang catching Tom in another Jaguar Driver to win the W3 Heavyweight Championship for the second time.



In hindsight, the booking committee probably should’ve held off on a Hannibal title shot, giving the momentum he had going into last week’s television. His loss to Tom on the previous show didn’t hurt Hannibal, but this one did. Assuming it’s back to the drawing board for Hannibal (for now).


POST-SHOW SEGMENT: Big Dawg revealed more information regarding W3’s rumored tournament in November. W3 plans on holding a two-night event called Ultimate Survivor. I can only assume the word “survivor” implies that one singular W3 athlete stands tall at the end of a series of matches. Going back to my previous statement about another deathmatch tournament, I seriously doubt this is another one of those. I have my ideas, but I’m just as curious as anyone else. Perhaps in a few weeks, I may elaborate.

See you in another week for a W3 report in The Wrestling Lantern.

Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 2.57.59 PM– Deuce


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