R          E          S          U          M          E

Matt de Simone’s Resume


Dream big and realize

endless possibilities

are just the prologue.

– Matt de Simone on his couch at 1:51 AM

    April 13, 2016


S         A         M          P          L         E         S



  • SUPER-BIONIKS 8-page spec – A super-powered family enjoys a day at a local amusement park when a dastardly villain interrupts their fun.




  • “Culture Done” – television spec, ACT ONE, Modern Family – Claire wants Phil to clean the house like he promised, but he wants to join the rest of the family at a local culture festival. Jay and Gloria argue about Jay’s true “culture.” Mitchell and Cameron scramble to win a cake contest.


Short Films

  • “The Black Car”thriller, short film spec – When Tommy, a struggling bartender, wants to leave a long night of work in order get home to his ill parents, he’s soon confronted by a mysterious man with an offer Tommy can’t refuse.



  • “Tigergirl” grass roots comedy, short film spec – Two young boys named Rodney and Peanut want to impress a girl in their fifth grade class by sneaking her onto their mysterious principal’s farm only to witness their principal’s daily perils with his mischievous young daughter, Lulu.


  • “Wythe”horror, short film spec – A writer returns to his hometown after several years only to realize that something is not only off about the town, but extends to his immediate family–specifically his brother, Wythe.



  • “Shitty Comic Books”comedy, short film spec – A comic shop owner must defend his place of business from three ambitious, teenage criminals.



  • “Middle Grade Scene”young adult, 14-page spec script – A girl refuses to dance with any boys that approach her which gets the attention of a teacher who decides to put the mean girl in her place.



Short Stories


  • “A Pack of Trouble”coming of age story – A teenage boy learns that his parents are now dead from a car accident, and then spends a night with his dream girl coping with this new reality.



  • “Comic Book Wednesday”a simple text based video game using Twine – Take a young boy named Tommy through obstacles on his way to pick up his weekly assortment of comics.


cropped-mottyloveslogo2.pngBLOG POSTINGS

  • MattyLovesComics – blog dedicated to commentary on upcoming comic books and other topics on geek culture.


cwfmidatlanticwrestlingMEDIA – SHORT FILMS & VIDEOS

  • CWF Mid-Atlantic’s YouTube page – pro-wrestling company based out of North Carolina. Go ahead and search the channel for “Matty de Nero” or “Matty dee.” My old matches, interviews, and more of my antics are found here forever and ever. 


All of three of the “teasers” above were to showcase an “idea” the director and other producers were trying to sell. Unfortunately, we filmed all of this with little to no script and no real direction for where the story went beyond general character establishment. The producers wanted to sell a “tone” and didn’t follow through with completing the full script. It was fun to film, nonetheless.


  • Commercial – The Quarter Restaurant, Roanoke, Virginia – promoting a Cajun restaurant in Downtown Roanoke, Virginia.


C         O         N         T         A         C         T

                    I         N         F         O

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