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MattyLovesPodcast #63: “A Jaunt Through the Comic Book Cosmos”

537bc6a21256dRecorded June 6, 2017

Welcome back! MLP welcomes Special Guest, Shaun Schapiraa local comic shop retailer at A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida. He and Matty discuss the “Cosmic” landscape of Marvel Comics, as well as elaborating on the current DC Rebirth/“Who is Mr. Oz?” situation.

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Marvel Comics At A Glance

During the C2E2 expo in Chicago, Marvel Comics announced their next attempt at rebranding their comic books. Marvel Legacy is essentially going to be their answer to the successful Rebirth campaign produced by their competitors out west, DC Comics. Over the years, both companies made multiple attempts to “reset” their respective continuities. Some failed, while some were somewhat successful.

A few of Marvel’s recent changes/additions to character continuity in Iron Man, Thor, and Spider-Man comics. (PHOTO/Matt de Simone)

Rebranding is a giant risk. Not only is it a risk to the comic book companies, but it’s an even greater risk for retailers. Al Rodriguez is the owner of Epic Comics in Orlando, Florida. He’s experienced the highs and lows that comes with the companies’ bi-annual rebranding or revamping of their respective characters and continuities. Rodriguez says that Marvel “is focusing on more quality and less quality” in the way the creators tell their stories. He further states, “[Legacy] should be a way for Marvel to refresh their characters, get their icons back [to the status quo, and] getting back to basics. You can still tell good stories with iconic heroes.”

Back in the 1980’s, DC made the first bold attempt at rebranding following the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event. The origins of DC’s major players like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman were all altered to match a more modern era of comic book storytelling. While Batman and Wonder Woman comics improved, the Superman comics’ stories fell off. It’s taken almost 30 years for some of DC’s once-renowned heroes and villains to receive their proper resurgence. Readers currently argue that, as whole, DC Comics in 2016 are better than they’ve ever been thanks to the Rebirth storyline.

The same goes for Marvel. They too tried something different in the 1980’s by introducing an entire new line of comics outside of the then-current continuity. It wasn’t a rebranding, but one could surmise that if lightning had struck with the New Universe, then the other books would follow the same rebranding. Fortunately, Marvel cancelled the NU line of books. At the turn of the millennium, Marvel found the right time to intro a new line in the Marvel Ultimate Universe. These books featured well-known characters, but gave them all a modern feel—like what DC did “post-Crisis.”

The last time Marvel tried to majorly revamp their continuity came during 2005’s House of M series. The main consequence—in the story—came when Scarlet Witch magically took away the powers of 98% of Marvel’s Mutant population. At the time, X-Men books were top-sellers. Since that event, like (most of) the Superman comics of the 90’s through 2015, the “X-titles” haven’t recovered.

While there’s a big risk in rebranding, the cyclical way comic books recover is inevitable. Fans are going to continue to read comic books. Readers can always find another corner of the vast comic book community to roam if the stories they subscribe to are frustrating or too convoluted for whatever reason. Rodriguez is hopeful. “Comic books are [now] the [potential] source for what will become a movie or a TV show… [comics] should be the inspiration for everything.” Hopefully, Marvel Legacy will do just that.

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MattyLovesPodcast #61 with Aaron Haaland, owner of A Comic Shop

In the latest installment of MLP, Matty travels to A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida to talk to the store’s owner, Aaron Haaland. Usually, MattyLoves provides visitors with content that revolves around the topics of comic books and pro-wrestling. The blogs are mainly dedicated to comics, while episodes of MLP ebb and flow with whatever Matty’s currently wrapped up within.

Over the past year, Matty’s fascination with the sales of comics has increased. In the last ten years, Marvel and DC have presented comic book readers with an overwhelming number of reinventions. Some were successful, while others failed miserably.


The sun sets behind A Comic Shop, located at 114 S Semoran Blvd in Winter Park, FL. (Photo/Matt de Simone)

How does this affect the retailer? Haaland is internationally known. He has a weekly video blog featured on a pop culture news site, Bleeding Cool. If anyone in Matty’s neck of the woods had a finger on the pulse of the comic book business, it’s Aaron Haaland.


From the success of DC Rebirth, to the confusion of Secret WarsMatty asks Haaland about the state of the comic book business for a retailer in 2017. The main question Matty wants answered is how retailers adapt to the relaunches in order to sell comic books to new reader. Also, what do you tell a longtime reader when a series with the same creative team relaunches with a new “#1” as opposed to simply continuing the ongoing series? It’s awesome that Haaland took time out of his busy schedule to sit down with Matty and answer his questions. Enjoy this interview with the host of A Comic Show and owner of Matty’s favorite comic shop.

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MattyLovesPodcast Episode 43: “Potpourri, Usagi, and ‘Rey’s Theme’ stays”

Welcome back to another episode of MattyLovesPodcast! In this episode, Matt de Simone is once again joined by special guest, Nick DeCicco, as Matt closes out the extended anniversary celebration of MLP.

On this episode, Matt and Nick discuss Tim Burton’s film adaption of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, the end of Marvel’s Darth Vader series, what they want out of comic shops, and also the lasting power of “Rey’s Theme” from The Force Awakens.

Usagi Yojombo gets a mention. The fellas also wonder what Ernest Cline is up to because they are so ready for the Ready Player One film adapt. Finally, Matt and Nick put a stamp on Warcraft.



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MattyLovesPodcast Volume 2, Episode 10: “The Las Vegas Orcs Hockey Club”

Welcome back, true believers!

This week Matt and “Dr.” Tom discuss some of the more recent comic book news from the print medium as well as Hollywood related comic shenanigans.

On the last show, Matt sold Tom the last 30 minutes of X-Men: Apocalypse. Tom gives his ten cents. Sanza Stark’s fake American accent didn’t sit well with “The Street Shaman of Geekdom.” They both aren’t into Beast’s overall presentation. The guys also speculate on what’s next for the X-Men films. (Go into space, Mr. Singer.)

Evan Peters, who plays Quicksilver in Apocalypse, was simply asked a, “What if Quicksilver and Deadpool were on screen together?” Matt’s brain exploded.

Matt gives a quick DC Rebirth update.

Las Vegas now officially has an expansion franchise in the National Hockey League. Poor, Quebec. Have no fear. They may end up taking over the Hurricanes spot. Matt and Tom speculate on what names the new Las Vegas hockey club could use.

There’s been a new addition to the cast of bots in Transformers: The Last Knight. It’s ridiculous.

There’s been a speculative new addition to the cast of Old Man Logan. It’s awesome.

Finally, Matt sells “Dr.” Tom on the new Warcraft picture. Tom explains to Matt what a “Chinese Gold Farmer” is.


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MattyLovesPodcast Volume 2, Episode 9: “Rebirth”

Matt and “Dr.” Tom have both read lead-ins and the first issue of DC Comics’ Rebirth. They take this podcast to take about DC’s new direction.

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MattyLovesComics – 06.01.2016 – “Rebirf”

Hey! New comic book day!

hrcc2I got back from Roanoke this past Monday. After a crapbag delay at the Orland-Sanford Airport on Friday afternoon, which killed my day (and would’ve prevented me from entertaining any masses if there had been wrestling possibly in the Mid-Atlantic area that Friday night). So, I pretty much had only Saturday and Sunday to spend with my family, which I did. It was a good time. I enjoyed seeing all of the de Simones from PA and meeting all of the new in-laws. In 32 years of living in Roanoke, never once had I drank in The Pine Room. Ric Flair did. So, now I can cross that one off. After a surprisingly smooth flight from VA back to Orlando, here I is.

Hey, speaking of pro-wrestling stuff, I currently have a new blog I’m working on where I give me take on where I think pro-wrestling is headed in the next two years or so. I’m sort of piecing it together while researching because I don’t want to just sound like I’m fantasy booking the industry. I feel there is a possibility of some of this shit coming to fruition. It should be up in a few days.

PHILLIES UPDATE 2016: Look at April’s calendar, then May’s. That’s all I have to say. I can’t complain that they’re 26-26, but after watching a lot of their games in the first two months, they’re better than .500. Not much, but at least five games better.

godfather2_mar14Outside of applying to jobs, working on my own personal projects and at the job that pays my bills, I need to be entertained. I always have something going on in the background. Over the course of May I watched a lot of the WWE Network’s Monday Night War, 1995 programming, and the podcasts and original docs. I finally completed The Flash season one. WOW. I have all of the second season on my DVR. When I hung out over at my friend Pete’s last week, he had The Godfather Part II on. I haven’t run through them all (yes, even Part III) yet this year. Only issue is that they are hard films to run while I’m working because 45% of the films are in Italian. I’m Italian, but there’s only so much I know due to the fact that I didn’t grow up with any “F.B.I.s” around. I like to do the Godfather At Night month to where I watch, like, 30 minutes of it every night before I go to bed. It’s sort of like reading a book.

Now I’m talking about reading so why not get to the comics!

First off, I was wrong about the new Superman “shield numbering” system I mentioned a couple weeks ago. Turns out, it was used only to help keep track of the death of “New 52” Superman. Thankfully, the four issues I read out of the eight released were enough to effectively tell the story and give me the feels. I kind of wanted them to go back to that, but this tells me they don’t have any “long cons” within the story to utilize the shield numbers. Oh well.

DC Rebirth #1 was totally fine by me. Holy geez. When Barry pulls Wally from The Speed Force? When we get to see what everyone is up to and kind of give a shit about everything? Justice League #50 was money. Superman #52 was so money. Trust me, go out and read JL #50, Supes #52, then Rebirth #1–great fun is on the horizon for longtime DC readers who have grown a bit sour towards the end of the “New 52” era. Some people are butt-hurt about the whole Watchmen resurgence and incorporation with current canon. Get over it. Go join all of the Captain America Shouldn’t Be A Nazi” supporters who totally believe that this is, and always has been the case with “Herr Rogers.”

before-watchmen-dr-manhattan-4-spoilers-dc-comics-rebirth-1I think I’m done with the “keep comic books ‘comic books’” thing. Screw it, maybe some of these characters that we consider “untouchable” or set-in-stone should have something completely whacky happen to get new readers. As a writer, I’ve grown to understand why creators do this over the past decade of reading comics. Believe me, they’re not doing this shit because they know a lot of fans absolutely love Dr. Manhattan. They’re doing this because they want to connect everything that’s ever happened in DC Comics together. If we get Superman vs. Dr. Manhattan–okay. I’m not sure anyone stands a chance against the blue Doc, but if they find a way to reverse his condition/powers–wait, I may be speaking too soon, Batman.

On the airplane, I read a lot of books I needed to catch up on. Tokyo Ghost is pretty awesome. Sean Murphy’s art is so dope. I love his vehicles.

The Mighty Thor is also fantastic because it’s still playing off of things that happened back in God of Thunder during the first “Marvel NOW!” campaign. It’s gratifying to know I’ve been reading a continuous Thor story for four years or so. Wish more books did that.

Extraordinary X-Men needs to break free from this “Apocalypse War” and do other stuff. Counting the days. I’m still not into the direction of the entire X-Universe, but Jeff Lemire is doing his best with this title.

So what’s up for today?

My stack today includes:









xmen_by_marciotakaraI have a good mix here, I think. I’m rolling along with Tom Taylor’s All-New Wolverine. Logan is one of my favorite comic book heroes of all time. Laura ( the former “X-23”) is the female clone to Wolverine. Less hairy (probably), kicks a lot of ass, and would make a great “my super hero girlfriend.” Marcio Takara provides the pencils. He has an X-Men piece that’s been the desktop backdrop for my old Macbook for years.

Becky Cloonan’s first issue as scribe for The Punisher volume 146 is entertaining. Steve Dillon is back drawing Frank Castle. With those two sentences alone, you should be reading this comic.

And of course there are the Rebirth issues for both Batman as well as Superman. Green Arrow also has one out today featuring he and Black Canary. Glad they’re back together. Never been a GA guy though. Let me know if it’s worth checking out.

That’s about it out of me today. Like I mentioned before, I’ll have that pro-wres centric blog up by the weekend. Until then, I’ll see you all next week.

WEBSITEBIOPIC2Matt de Simone cannot for the life of him get “Southern Cross” by Crosby, Stills, and Nash out of his head. It’s awful. You know what else is awful? People refer to the trio as “CSN.” They get an acronym. I don’t think they deserve it. Neil Young is the piece that holds it together. “CSNY” all day. Matter of fact, Buffalo Springfrield all day. Matter of fact, The Hollies all day, son. What up, T.T.?