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MattyLovesPodcast #62: “…like wrestling dressed as a piranha was a thing.”

Recorded Apr 8, 2017

CHIKARA Pro’s “Secret” Season 17 and Season 18’s Florida excursion are now resting comfortably in the past, Matt de Simone and Kevin Ford once again take a look back at recent events in Orlando–of which they attended live–and CHIKARAtopia’s recent content.

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MattyLovesPodcast #57: “The CHIKARA March to Fern Park”


!!FRESH EPISODE!! Recorded on March 13, 2017

– MLP is excited to have back co-founder of PRO WRESTLING PONDERINGS and operator of THE CHIKARA SPECIAL, “CHIKARAHistorian” KEVIN FORD.

– This episode is the latest CHIKARA Pro update from Matty and Kevin. The duo takes a look at the third “trio” of episodes from CHIKARA’s “secret” Season 17. They also express their excitement for CHIKARA’s visit to sunny Orlando, FL at the end of March.

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