MattyLovesPodcast #62: “…like wrestling dressed as a piranha was a thing.”

Recorded Apr 8, 2017

CHIKARA Pro’s “Secret” Season 17 and Season 18’s Florida excursion are now resting comfortably in the past, Matt de Simone and Kevin Ford once again take a look back at recent events in Orlando–of which they attended live–and CHIKARAtopia’s recent content.

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MattyLovesPodcast #54: “CHIKARA Simulcast Edition”

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MLP at Pro Wrestling Ponderings!

Greetings folks! It’s another episode of MATTYLOVESPODCAST headed you way and Matt de Simone’s once again joined by Kevin Ford, co-founder of PRO WRESTLING PONDERINGS and operator of THE CHIKARA SPECIAL–each blog dedicated to spreading the word about independent pro-wrestling and the latter containing all the recent goings on in CHIKARA PRO WRESTLING.

This week’s special edition of MLP is a simulcast partnered with Ford’s Pro Wrestling Ponderings focusing on all that went on in the first three episodes of CHIKARA’S “LOST” SEASON 17.

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