Reading overreactions following Week 1 of a new NFL season is the best. I’m not going to promise this becoming a weekly thing, but its so easy to do after Week 1 weekend. Here are a few of my own.

The season opener last Thursday will be the season finale in Glendale.

The Dallas Cowboys may not make the 2022 playoffs at this rate. Their SNF performance against Tampa Bay was pathetic.

Jimmy G is Dallas’ only “rent-an-arm” option unless they plan to give up way too much to a Divisional opponent.

Sure, the Buccaneers looked pretty good, but you have to consider their opponent last Sunday. The best NFC team coming out of Week 1 is the Minnesota Vikings, who smacked Green Bay 23-7.

The Steelers are the luckiest team in the league. The Bengals turned the ball over five times and still almost/should have won. If TJ Watt’s done for the year (again), it’s all over for PIT.

Patrick Mahomes is on his way to another MVP season. He made the Arizona secondary look awful, and they’re not.

Carson Wentz opened victorious with a win over Jacksonville, glamouring the Commanders’ fan base. Give it five weeks. The milk goes bad.

Without Jalen Hurts, the Eagles would be 0-1. If the Lions were any other team in the NFL, they would’ve won. The Lions will always “Lion.”

Las Vegas Raiders: about right in terms of expectations.

LA Chargers: will miss the playoffs again if they don’t learn how to drive a stake into the vampire’s heart.

The Dolphins are going to give the Bills fits.

The new head coach of the New York Giants, Brian Daboll, will soon become a weekly meme. Congrats, and not in a congratulatory way.

The Colts and Texans will both wish they had that win back. The Colts needed the win to get into the playoffs. The Texans need to draft #1 overall yet again because maybe they’ll get it right one year.

Cade York will kick his way to a Pro Bowl.

The Ravens were fortunate enough to have four Preseason games this year. They went 4-0. The Falcons have about three or four 10-point leads left to blow in 2022. Easy.

Matt de Simone is the Managing Editor of The Fincastle Herald and The Vinton Messenger. Big time Philadelphia sports fan. Go Birds.

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