Four comics released on October 11th. (PHOTO/Matt de Simone)

As comic books have become more accessible, the culture’s popularity has risen to an all-time high. A recent MattyLoves article reported on different ways to access comic books through print or digital outlets, as well as an example of the variety of comic book retailers located in highly populated cities like Orlando, Florida.

Earlier in the year, ComicBookHerald offered up a comprehensive breakdown of where a new reader can find sought-after titles, where to begin reading, the best titles for new readers, and reading suggestions that include classic stories from the past 30 years.

A Comic Shop retailer, Shaun Schapira, displays a few of the free comics offered by publishers. (PHOTO/Matt de Simone)

Local Orlando comic retailer, Shaun Schapira, is a big fan of digital comics, specifically, Marvel Unlimited. Schapira explains that Marvel Unlimited “is a service that offers you the first volume for a variety of books, perfect for new readers that don’t know where to start with almost no risk.” There is a monthly fee, much like Comixology’s other publications. Fortunately, this gives readers options to pick and choose which titles they want to read.



Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 1.34.59 AM


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