Volume Two is about to come to an end. It won’t until you listen to the most recent episode of MLP (then it’s over). You have to listen to this before the show goes through a “Rebirth” of sorts.

That said, turn up Matt de Simone and “Dr. Tom” Lucas as they touch on some of the recent news in the world of comic books, film, and television.

Have the fellas kept up with the Kick-Ass comics? There’s a new volume on the way entitled “The New Girl.” Find out what they think.

The head shots from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story were released the day the guys recorded this edition of MLP. What are they looking forward to in December?

Zack Snyder finally addressed the “issues” with Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Matty and “The Street Shaman” hope he listens to the fans when it comes to Justice League. Apparently the new film is “brighter.” Huh. Alex Ross’ art apparently inspired the design team’s new costume work on the film. That helps, right?

Syfy has a new show in development called Krypton. You people will never guess what it’s about.

All these topics and more are packed into the final episode of Volume Two. Enjoy!


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Matt de Simone’s blog: Mattyloves.com

Tom Lucas’ website: readtomlucas.com


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